All soaps are handmade with the finest coconut and olive oils, pure essential oils, organic herbs, flowers, spices, grains, seeds,     and pure spring water.
A good soap is one of life's  simple


        $8.50 PER BAR, PLUS SHIPPING​.    

        Free shipping for orders over $100.00 (inside the US only).           
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Best if used in a clawfoot tub.


There are 5 pages inside the lavender box.  Scroll down to find page numbers.  Or turn pages from the upper right hand corner.  Have fun.
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  • Anise & Red Clover

    Anise! Breathe deeply. Anise purifies the lungs and leaves the spirit calm and tranquil while red clover brings a powerful aid against skin cancer, eczema and psoriasis.

  • Bay Rhum Scrub

    Bay, citrus, spice and a no-nonsense cornmeal scrub make this my version of an old time classic.

  • Cedar Rose

    Uplifting yet subtle, this mellow combination is an elegant mix.

  • Chamomile Peppermint

    A wonderful "wake me up" soap. Refreshing with gentle skin-loving chamomile.

  • Cherry Oat Poppy Scrub

    A wholesome, skin soothing oatmeal soap. This almond scented bar is a favorite of old and young alike.

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Big Sur Country ​Soap

Dear Friends,  

Your favourite soaps are not discontinued.  They are simply out of stock.   The soap is selling more quickly now.   I will add new soaps as they are cured and ready to ship.  If you see some you like it is best to buy them when you see them and not wait to have all your favourites available at the same time.  I'm doing my best to keep up.   Thanks for your patience and support.
            Sheila, Big Sur Country Soap